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Welcome To Pavan Industries


“PAVAN” India’s international brand, a pioneer Manufacturers in india of Multi Turn Wire Wound Potentiometers, with 100 % own engineering skills, technology and in house developed critical machinery, enjoying Herculean domestic market share with presence in international market too.Our factory situated 200 Km. North of Mumbai (India’s business capital) at Valsad in Gujarat (vibrant state of India) in spacious clean building on 4000 Sq. meter land.On achieving respectable domestic market share in multi turn potentiometer segment in general and ten turn potentiometers in particular, we have explored international market and now have presence in many countries in the EU, USA, Australia & African continent.

New Products Offered by PAVAN INDUSTRIES

Square wire wound potentiometer

For Joystick Control application, multiple potentiometers can be stacked and operated with a single shaft.

Current Sensor HOCS-5

Power Supplies of Welding Machines, Robotics, UPS & SMPS, Electric Vehicles, AC Variable Speed Drives.

Hall Effect Joystick

Auxiliary Supply – 5 VDC + 10 %
Output – 0-5 or 0.5 – 4.5 VDC, Ratiometric to Vcc.
Output at Center Position – 50 % of Vcc

Our Special Products

Our goal is to develop all technologically advanced products of world class quality..

Product List

20 Twenty Turns Potentiometers

1 Watt Three Turns Potentiometers

Joy StickModel: NASU-0912

Motorized potentiometer


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Countries Catered

- Strength

  • - Inhouse R&D and Production
  • - Experience of 30 Years
  • - Capability to fulfill large number of orders
  • - Dedicated work force.
  • - Committed deliveries.

- Area of business:

  • - Industrial
  • - Medical
  • - Power Genration & Distribution.
  • - Off-road Vehicles
  • - Defense

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    Plot No. – 7-10, Ichcha Estate-2, Nr. Vasant Falia,
    Abrama, Valsad – 396 001, Gujarat, India

    +91 7016487551
    +91 9033350051